G&T and the East India Company

English: British East India Company flag from ...
English: British East India Company flag from Flag Chart published by B. Lens c. 1700. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read last week that the man behind the resurgence of Plymouth Gin, Charles Rolls, realised that there was a serious lack of good tonic water with existing mixers ‘just masking the gin flavours’ – as a gin drinker – this is not good!

You may wonder why I mention it here?  There is a connection, trust me. Charles Rolls was approached by Tim Warrillow to create another gin and Rolls suggested they needed to work on a new mixer instead. It seems that Warrillow had been researching the East India Company (the connection), whose army in India in the 1700s first introduced gin and tonic, with quinine being the essential ingredient of the mixer, and useful to combat malaria.


The original article in City A.M. goes on to the sourcing process and you will not be surprised to find new names, but old trading countries involved: Rwanda for orange oil, Ecuador for green ginger and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for quinine. The sourcing has not been without challenges and you can read more here http://www.cityam.com/article/1382399954/range-premium-mixers-produced-raise-gin-s-spirits

The Cinchona tree, found in the DRC,  is also known as ‘Fever Tree’ hence the inspiration for the  company name launched in 2005. Now to persuade Charles Rolls that  G&T at our next event would be a grand idea!  They also include a rather good ginger beer in their range.


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