Satan ‘On the trading floor’

Satan ‘on the trading floor’: Milton, Merchants and the Overseas Experience

Wednesday 7th May 2-3pm at Guildhall Library, London EC2V 7HH

Dr Liam Haydon at Guildhall Library 7th May 2014
Dr Liam Haydon at Guildhall Library
7th May 2014

Dr Liam Haydon examined mercantile metaphors in Milton’s poetry, and the new ways in which the new langauage and ideas of overseas commerce permeated 17th century literature and culture. Milton compares Satan to a merchant fleet in two similies within Paradise Lost, both times specifically linking him to the new Oriental trade.

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Although we drew only a moderate number of people the talk was well received and positive feedback was received from the Guildhall Library:

“Everyone did a feedback form because they had enjoyed your talk so much, saying ’very happy’, ‘good speaker’, ‘learned and informative talk’…etc.  We do hope to welcome you and your colleagues in the future as your fascinating project progresses and we are delighted that you have shared your research with us.” JS – Assistant Librarian


The Guildhall Library kindly displayed some of their wonderful folios, facsimiles and books relating to Milton and the period. The drawings are by Dorè.

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Afterwards we paid a visit to St Giles Cripplegate to seek out Milton’s burial place and statue.

John Milton 1608-1674
John Milton
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