PEIC’s ‘Corporate Constitutionalism’ forum in Itinerario

Dr William Pettigrew has led a roundtable in the global history journal Itinerario exploring the key ideas and concepts underpinning PEIC’s research.  Joined by David Armitage, Paul Halliday, Vicki Hsueh, Tom Leng and Philip Stern, the resultant discussion offers a wide-ranging and critical appraisal of corporate constitutionalism as a methodological and conceptual approach for understanding the history of global interaction and exchange.


The development of this forum has been a close collaboration with Itinerario and Cambridge University Press, who have shared their own thoughts about its development.


In addition to these articles, Itinerario will also be hosting an interactive Q&A session about the forum, and it would be great to have as many people involved as possible.  This will begin on 1st Feb.  Also, if you have any other comments about the articles or the ideas behind them then please let us know in the contact form below.


The Articles 

William Pettigrew: Corporate Constitutionalism and the Dialogue between the Global and Local in Seventeenth-Century English History

David Armitage: Wider and Wider Still: Corporate Constitutionalism Unbounded

Paul Halliday: Speaking Law to the Corporate Person

Tom Leng: Corporate Constitutionalism,” the Merchant Adventurers, and Anglo-European Interaction

Philip Stern: Parasites, Persons and Princes: Evolutionary Biology of the Corporate Constitution


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