Created in 2013, the Centre for the Study of the Political Economies of International Commerce (PEIC) conducts, promotes, and disseminates impactful research that pushes boundaries in academia and helps the private, public, charity and think-tank sectors to think long term.

Based at the University of Kent, PEIC coordinates multiple funded research projects supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust, hosts visiting academic experts, participates in other research networks, supports post-graduate research work, and convenes an Institute of Historical Research seminar on corporate history. We also use our academic research to serve the public good by influencing the private, public, charity and think tank sectors. PEIC projects and members bring long-term historical perspectives to help these interests see their challenges in new and distinctive ways.

At present, PEIC is examining the history of corporate governance, the history of innovating networks, the history of civil liberties and slave trading, as well as the ways in which corporations structure cross-cultural interactions that influence constitutional thinking and political economy. The Centre deploys various means to engage the non-academic public: from walking tours to mobile phone applications. All of these activities are focussed by a concentrated attention on the political determinants of global change.

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