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2015-16 – IHR Seminar Series

Dr William Pettigrew talks about Freedom's Debt to City of London Guides
Dr William Pettigrew talks about Freedom’s Debt to City of London Guides

2014-15 – IHR Seminar Series


15th January 2015 Conference at the Nehru Memorial Library, Delhi


3rd February, 2014 – Dr Pettigrew gives talk at City of London Guides’ Lecturers Association (members only)

12th March, 2014: Book Launch & Book signing of Freedom’s Debt by Dr William A Pettigrew at Daunt Books Cheapside – Open Invitation – Register here: http://bit.ly/1eRzRqM

3 April, 2014: Professor Catherine Hall of UCL will deliver the 2014 Roger Anstey Memorial Lecture

24/25 April, 2014: Project Brainstorm: The Global Determinants Team will brainstorm the assumptions and possibilities of the project before a group of leading academics based in the USA at Duke University

7 May, 2014: Dr Liam Haydon – Talk at the Guildhall Library 2pm (free) – Satan ‘on the trading floor’ – Milton, merchants and overseas experience. Reserve a seat here http://bit.ly/1lhtcwp 

14 May, 2014: Dr Pettigrew will deliver a Gresham Lecture at Barnard’s Inn Hall, Holborn, London EC1 2HH, – London on Slavery and British Identity. Free, no booking required. http://bit.ly/1klojSv



12 June, 2013: Centre Launch: The Midwife of the Modern Multinational, Cornhill Counting House, London

9 October, 2013: the Global Determinants Team will brief the Director of the Leverhulme Trust on the project’s aims and content

10 October, 2013: Dr Pettigrew will lead a walking tour examining the embedded history of slavery in the City of London from Roman times to the present day

17 October, 2013: Dr Pettigrew will present the findings of his research into the Royal African Company at the Guildhall Library, London

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