IHR Corporate History Seminar, 1500-1800

The Institute for Historical Research will once again be hosting our seminar series during the coming academic year.

Meetings take place at the IHR in the Room 304 from 3 – 4.30pm.

31 October 2017: Timon Screech (SOAS), ‘Corporate practice in Japanese painting’ N. B. This seminar begins at 3.15.

14 November: Anne Murphy (Herts), ‘Guarding the Guardian of Public Credit: managing security at the late-eighteenth-century Bank of England’

28 November: Karolina Hutkova (LSE), ‘The English East India Company and the venture to Bengal raw silk production’

12 December: Noah Moxham (Kent), ‘Science Incorporated: the Royal Society as a London knowledge community’

16 January 2018: Tom Leng (Sheffield), ‘The demise of the Merchant Adventurers of England’

30 January: John Carrigy (NUI, Galway), ‘John Dee and Elizabethan empire’

27 February: Jonathan Healey (Oxford), ‘The local history of the English state’

13 March: Sam Ellis (Leeds), ‘Contractors as intermediaries in Eighteenth Century East India Company encounters with the Himalayas’

8 May: Lisa Hellman (Berlin), ‘Shackled connections: Knowledge circulation in eighteenth-century Central Asia’

15 May: Alison Bennett (UCL / British Museum), ‘Shifting patterns of engagement with East African culture, 1880-1940’

22 May: Maria Fusaro (Exeter), ‘The role of maritime employment in the development of English political economy’



Will Pettigrew, Kent

Liam Haydon, Kent

Aske Laursen Brock, Kent


Please contact Will Pettigrew (w.pettigrew@kent.ac.uk) to confirm your interest or with any questions.

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