IHR Corporate History Seminar, 1500-1800

The Institute for Historical Research will once again be hosting our seminar series during the coming academic year.

Meetings take place at the IHR in the Room 304 from 3 – 4.30pm.

25 October 2016 – Siobhan Talbott (Keele), “By the accounts we have in the last publick news’: Business News in the early modern Atlantic World”

8 November – Anna Winterbottom (Sussex), “Thomas Hyde (1636-1703) and the East India Company”

6 December – Ed Cavanagh (Cambridge), “Conquest and Contract in the Legal History of the British Corporation” N.B. This seminar takes place in Wolfson Room NB02

17 January 2017 – Joe Lane (LSE), “Secrets for Sale? The Nature of Knowledge in the Staffordshire potteries 1750-1850”

31 January – Margot Finn (UCL), “Demography & Destiny? Rethinking Birth, Death & Family in Company-era India”. N.B. This seminar runs from 2-3.30.

28 February – Mike Wagner (Oxford), “Money, Guns and Lawyers – the Chartered Companies in the 18th Century”

28 March – Margaret Hunt (Uppsala), “The Other Company: An English East India Company ship’s crew and the world of 17th-century trade”

2 May – Geoff Quilley (Sussex), “British art, empire and the Opium War: the view from Dent’s veranda”

9 May – Anya Matthews (Courtauld), “The Reconstruction of London’s Livery Halls after the Great Fire”

23 May – Huw Bowen (Swansea), “What was the early modern corporation?  Evidence from the English East India Company” N.B. This seminar has been cancelled.

30 May  – Justin Colson (Essex), “’Its not what you know …’ Richard Arnold and the Practice of European Trade in Late Fifteenth Century London”

13 June – Nandini Das (Liverpool), “Sir Thomas Roe”



Will Pettigrew, Kent

Koji Yamamoto, Tokyo

Liam Haydon, Kent


Please contact Will Pettigrew (w.pettigrew@kent.ac.uk) to confirm your interest or with any questions.

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