Dr Aske Laursen Brock


Aske Laursen Brock graduated from Roskilde University in 2011 and holds a MA in History and International Development Studies. He joined the University of Birmingham in 2012 as a Research Assistant on a project investigating the link between labour migration and labour productivity. His PhD project, successfully completed in January 2017, focused on the social origins of trading companies and corporate governance. More Specifically, he examined the importance of the directors’ changing domestic and transnational social networks in the development of the English political economy.

His current project investigates women’s multiple roles within trading companies. Companies were integral in shaping early modern society both through trade and through social engagement. They were not monolithic economic institutions, but were transformable from within by different actors and interest groups such as women. There are a number of different and overlapping roles held by women within trading companies. They were widows or siblings of employees, wives of factors working overseas, agents working in London, and investors in the companies. By analyzing women’s role within the trading company, the project seek to answer a number of questions related to political economy and sociability in the early modern period. How did they navigate the overlapping networks of early modern company life? How did they shape company policy and corporate sociability?

Aske’s research interests include, in rather broad terms, the intersection of political, economic and cultural development, migration, and rural socio-economic development in the Early Modern period.



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